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Arizona Metal Craft Services

It is difficult to narrow down all the services that are provided by Arizona Metal Craft. Russ's knowledge and experience in working with all types of metal are very extensive. Russ is experienced in working with aluminum, steel, copper, stainless steel, and iron. He has mastered the crafts of welding, fabricating
, and creating art in each of the above mentioned metal types.

Some of the services provided are:

  • Custom C&C Plasma Cutting- signs, cutouts, brackets, industrial parts & accessories
  • Tube Bending - Mandrill tube bending, Arch Rolling, Square tube
  • Signs - custom address signs, name signs, business signs
  • Welding - tig & mig, aluminum, stainless steel, copper
  • Metal Fabrication - Industrial, Commercial, and Residential 
  • Custom Projects - Russ can create any project out of metal, you supply the drawing or idea and Arizona Metal Craft can make it happen!
If you don't see it listed please
call (520) 628.7742 or e-mail us and ask.

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